About Us


We are Lars Smithuis and Marieke Hoiting, and together we started LaMa Aviation.


We found each other back in 2015 at the Aviation Academy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. From that moment on we started our quest together to explore the wonderful world of aviation. Currently we are pursuing our professional carreers in aviation. Lars works at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as a ground handler and pushback tug driver whereas Marieke is gaining experiences in the private aviation sector. 


We usually like to plan our trips around flying or spotting a specific aircraft type. During trips we like to meet and connect with interesting aviation related companies when able. This way we learn about a great range of aspects of aviation which gives us inspiration for our professional lifes as well. 


We love to share our flying adventures on this website and via our youtube/instagram channels. This website summarizes our passion for aviation and travelling. Our excitement for aviation might be contagious ;)


Would you like to know more about us? Send us a message here

Our Statistics
Kilometres flown together 103865
Number of aircraft types flown 47
Number of countries visited 19
Number of states visited (USA) 14
Number of flights made together 95
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