Hermeskeil - Flugausstellung P. Junior

This private aircraft exhibition houses over 100 aircraft. Civil and military aviation legends can be found here. The collection consists of lots of fighter jets, helicopters, classic airliners and special operations aircraft. Some very rare aircraft are on display as well, such as a Vickers VC-10 used by the government of the United Arab Emirates, a DeHavilland Comet from Dan Air London and  a DC-3 from the Royal Jordanian Air Force.  The aircraft are on display inside a couple of buildings as well as a large outdoor area. Beside the large collection of aircraft the museum has an impressive collection of aircraft engines, components and ejection seats on display. 


We visited this museum in 2021, and our personal opinion is pretty double sided. It is an amazing collection of true aviation gems, however lots of the aircraft parked outside are in a pretty miserable state. Paint is fading or falling apart, windows that are cracked or missing and repaired with ducttape, it is a pity to see those planes in such a state. Still, we think it is a cool place to visit if you want to see some great historical aircraft up close. We advice you to look through the photos and see for yourself, but if you want a real impression, then just go there. Tickets are well affordable and in the end this museum is good value for money and a day well spent.