Billund Airport - Zleep Hotel

Disclaimer: LaMa Aviation does not get sponsored by the hotels. We pay the regular fares and we solely provide a review for planespotters and aviation enthusiasts who like to watch planes from their beds.


The Zleep Hotel in Billund is just a short 7 minute walk from the terminal of Billund Airport. The rooms are quite good, and you can easily ask for a high floor room with airport view. It is a short walk to the spotting place as well. The windows are clean, and can be slightly opened. However, this is likely not enough for proper photography. The rooms have comfortable beds and some power sockets, but a power strip can come in handy. 


The hotel faces the west side of the terminal and has a good view of the remote stands. If it is not foggy (which it was when we were here in 2018...) even the cargo terminal and the MRO companies on the south side can be seen.