Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson - Renaissance Concourse

Disclaimer: LaMa Aviation does not get sponsored by the hotels. We pay the regular fares and we solely provide a review for planespotters and aviation enthusiasts who like to watch planes from their beds.


With your stay in this hotel, you don't need to visit any other spotting place at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson airport. This hotel gives a great panoramic view over the airport concourses and the technical facilities of Delta Airlines. The Delta Flight Museum is a short 5 minute walk away as well and it can even be seen from the hotel.  The lobby is really spacious and luxurious and offers lots of facilities such as a bar, a restaurant and access to the pool. The pool looks really good and has a stunning view as the planes take off and land in front of you, but when looking closely the pool is quite dirty and the water is almost slimy. It was quite a bummer as we really looked forward to a good swim. The outside pool was even worse as the water was brown and cloudy and smelled terrible.  


The room itself has several downsides that are worth mentioning. The quality is okay, not the most comfortable and not that quiet, especially when a noisy aircraft is reversing. There are some moist spots in the room and it really is in need of some thorough renovation. The bed is also not the worst, but not the best either. The room wi-fi is not free, but if your phone is strong enough you are able to connect with the free lobby wi-fi which will be sufficient to check flightradar.


The big plus of the room is the timetable that can be shown on the television and the private balcony where you can view the planes without windows. All in all, this balcony and the view make all downsides disappear in the overall experience. Hence we really recommend this hotel as a spotters hotel, but be aware that there are some downsides as well.