Stockholm Arlanda Airport - Clarion

Disclaimer: LaMa Aviation does not get sponsored by the hotels. We pay the regular fares and we solely provide a review for planespotters and aviation enthusiasts who like to watch planes from their beds.


This hotel is a modern hotel with an indoor connection to the terminal. The terminal itself provides a good view of the ramp between terminal 4 and 5. The hotel can be easily reached by train as the Arlanda Central train station is at short walking distance. From here trains depart to several cities in Sweden. 


The rooms are really luxurious and are really comfortable and the view is exceptionally rewarding. The big downside are the windows which have a meter of loose space between them. This means that reflections are inevitable and taking proper photos and videos is really hard, especially when the sun is out. The windows are very clean though, so the view still is impressive. We visited this hotel in early 2020, so the traffic movements were somewhat different than usual. Yet, we did have a great stay here and the food is amazing. Book an airport view room and you will be rewarded with a high floor room facing west.


Our room was on the 11th floor, as on the 12th floor the restaurant is located. This restaurant is very good and with this beautiful view your dinner ill be unforgettable. This hotel is quite expensive, but really worth it if you like to just relax and watch planes. For spotting it is not that recommended, but see and judge yourself.