Dallas Fort Worth Airport - Grand Hyatt DFW

Disclaimer: LaMa Aviation does not get sponsored by the hotels. We pay the regular fares and we solely provide a review for planespotters and aviation enthusiasts who like to watch planes from their beds.


One of the two Hyatt hotels at DFW is the Grand Hyatt. This is the more expensive one. But, it pays off immediately.  This hotel was known for granting airside access without having a boarding pass, but this is a fact of the past unfortunately. When we were here in 2019, these terminal passes were no longer provided. 


The rooms are really big and luxurious. The bathroom we had was huge and the noise cancelling windows worked really well. We had a room on the fourth floor, which just overlooks the terminal roof. The view is great, you have a great view to the west side of the field including the maintenance area. The windows are pretty clean, but slightly tinted. This is nice during the afternoons as it keeps the heat out of the room. 


The biggest gem is the rooftop pool with a panoramic view over almost the entire DFW airport. The terrace is surrounded by glass plates, but a small step or even one of the chairs will suffice to shoot over the glass. 


Since the terminal pass is history and there are not many food courts on landside, the hotel restaurant is more or less your sole option for dinner. This restaurant offers quite exclusive food that might be a bit too much for picky eaters. 


All in all this is an amazing hotel, but it has it's fares to it. But if you are a true aviation enthusiast, thou should not skip at least one night in this hotel.


Room View

Rooftop View